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No, only the player who activated Flute of Summoning Dragon can special summon the dragons through its effect.

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Q: Can your opponent use the effect of your flute of summoning dragon card and special summons dragons after you play it?
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Do special summons need tributes?

Special Summons only need tribute if the summoning text specifically say they do. Generally tribute is only required for a Normal Summon or Set.

Do you need to tribute for special summons?

You only need tribute for a special summon if the summoning text specifically says you do, ie, Toon Monsters.

Is ritual summoning the same as special summoning or normal summoning in Yu Gi Oh?

All Ritual Summons are considered a Special Summon. However, not all Special Summons are considered a Ritual Summon. A Ritual Summon can only be performed with a Ritual Spell Card and a Ritual Monster. A Special Summon refers to any monster that is placed on the field in a way that is not a Normal Summon, Flip Summon, or Set. Also, Ritual Summons are never considered a Normal Summon.

What happens if your opponent activates Scapegoat but you Chain Summon Limit?

Summon Limit restricts the number of times you can Special Summon. Scapegoat summons all 4 tokens at once, so it's a one-time summoning, so your opponent can still summon one more time for that turn.

Can you Synchro Summon after Normal Summoning?

Yes you can. You may perform as many Special Summons (Synchro Summons are Special Summons) in a turn as you have the resources to do so, as well as your one-per-turn Normal Summon/Set. You can do them in any order, either before or after your turn Normal Summon.

What is a writ of summons?

A writ of summons is another term for a summons, a notice in law summoning a person to appear in court, such as a defendant, a juror or a witness.

Can Solemn Judgment negate the summoning of and destroy the non-inherent Special Summon of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No, it can't be used against a summon which occurs on resolution of an activated monster effect. It can only stop inherent special summons such as Synchro Summons or Chaos Sorcerer, and it can stop special summons from the resolution of spells or traps, by negating the activation of the spell or trap.

Does Bottomless Trap Hole work on Darkness Neosphere's special summoning in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, Darkness Neosphere has more than 1500 ATK so Bottomless Trap Hole can be used against it when it special summons itself.

How do you use summons in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

Summons are regular Ultimates, when you choose the Ultimate that you want to use before the battle, just select Summoning Jutsu.

When was The Summoning created?

The Summoning was created on 1996-11-18.

How do you use the word summons in a sentence?

The principle was, to summon up enough energy to keep the walls away.You could say, "I summon the 'Dark Magician' in Attack Mode," or "I Synchro Summon 'Goyo Guardian' in Defence Mode."

What happens when your opponent special summons a monster while you are attacking?

the only way ur oponent may special summonion a creation in the middle of ur attack faice is if the person is using a spell or trap or magic card