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Summon Limit restricts the number of times you can Special Summon. Scapegoat summons all 4 tokens at once, so it's a one-time summoning, so your opponent can still summon one more time for that turn.

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Q: What happens if your opponent activates Scapegoat but you Chain Summon Limit?
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Can Scapegoat be used to help Normal Summon an Divine-Beast in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No. The three God Cards are normal summoned by Tribute Summon, tributing three monsters. Sheep Tokens cannot be used for a Tribute Summon.

What is the difference between flip and flip summon in yu-gi-oh?

If a face down monster is attacked, then it is flipped for damage calculation, if you flip summon, you do it by choice during your turn. Flip counts for both. For Flip cards like penguin soldier, if it is face down and your opponent attacks it, the effect is activated. For Flip Summon cards like swarm of scarabs, if it is face down and your opponent attacks it, the effect is NOT activated. Both types are activated if you flip summon it. (Also flip activates after damage calculation if you are attacked, so if penguin soldier would be destroyed by the attack, he can't return himself to your hand because he is already destroyed)

If you have Sheep Tokens from Scapegoat and in the next turn activate Non Spellcasting Area can the tokens be tributed for a Tribute Summon?

No. The "Scapegoat" card states that the tokens cannot be used for a tribute summon and there is no getting around that. Besides, "Non-Spellcasting Area" only states that monsters would be immune to Spells; nothing to do with Tribute Summoning. (Just an extra note, if the "Sheep Tokens" are Tributed for something other than a Tribute Summon, that's okay.)

Can you normal summon and then tribute summon during your opponent's attack during their battle phase if Ultimate Offering is active on the field in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes. If you have Ultimate Offering, you can use the effect during the opponent's battle phase. You can use it to do two Normal Summons, yes, you can perform a tribute summon if you wish.

How does the Quick-play 'Inferno Reckless Summon' work?

Basically, when you special summon a monster with 1500 or less ATK with cards like marauding captain, call of the haunted, or monster reborn, you can activate this card when your opponent has a face-up monster to special summon all copies of that monster. Your opponent can special summon all copies of his monster too, but that's a rare chance IMO.

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What happens if you Special Summon Trap Eater in response to your opponent's activation of Ojama Trio although you already control 2 monsters beforehand in Yu-Gi-Oh?

That's not possible. A summon like Trap Eater's (and like Synchro Summons, for example) can't be done 'in response' to anything.Better example - Opponent activates Ojama Trio, you chain Scapegoat. Scapegoat will resolve and summon the four tokens. Ojama Trio then can't resolve because you don't have three monster slots free, so does nothing. It summons all, or nothing.

Joey sends his face-up attack position 'Bone Crusher' to the graveyard to tribute summon his 'Jinzo' his opponent Kaiba activates 'Solemn Judgment' what happens?

Jinzo's summon will be negated, its continuous effect will never be applied.

When you use Van'Dalgyon The Dark Dragon Lord's effect do you summon him at your opponent's turn or your own?

you have to wait until you,r opponent activates a counter trap on any turn

In yugioh can worm yagan special summon itself during the opponent's turn?

As this summon is on resolution of an Ignition Effect, Worm Yagan can only special summon itself in your own main phases. In general, only monsters with a Trigger (ie, ones that say 'when/if' something happens) can special summon themselves in the opponent's turn. So Gorz and Battle Fader can, and Pyramid Turtle can summon something in the opponent's turn too. However things like Dark Armed Dragon, or Plaguespreader Zombie, cannot.

What happens if your opponent has no monsters in their deck when you activate Last Turn in Yu-Gi-Oh?

If the opponent has no monsters in deck, or no monsters that Last Turn can special summon, then they just don't get a monster, nothing happens in the additional battle phase, and the opponent will probably lose in the end phase.

After tribute summon can attack your opponent?


Can you use enemy controller and tribute a scapegoat?

Sheep Tokens created by Scapegoat cannot be used as tributes for Tribute Summons. They can be tributed to activate effects like Enemy Controller, or for the Special Summon of monsters like D-Hero Plasma, as this is not a 'tribute summon'.

If your opponent has vanguard of the dragon face down and you tribute to the doom it does it's effect still activate an special summon a dragon?

Yes because it's effect says you can summon a normal dragon type monster from either players graveyard. So since tribute to the doom destroys the monster is effect activates.

Can Scapegoat be used to help Normal Summon an Divine-Beast in Yu-Gi-Oh?

No. The three God Cards are normal summoned by Tribute Summon, tributing three monsters. Sheep Tokens cannot be used for a Tribute Summon.

How can you summon double summon and cosmic compass to summon obelisk?

Normal Summon cosmic compass and that will allow you to special a token for each monster your opponent controls and then double summon one more monster and there obelisk is out.

Is Machina Fortress' special summon effect considered to be activated from the hand or from the grave if you discarded it and one Machine to summon it in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Neither, Machine Fortress' special summon effect is not one that activates.

In Yu-Gi-Oh if you have Kaiser Colosseum on the field and your opponent has 2 or more monsters while you have 1 can they still Summon monsters because they already have more?

No, while you control only one monster and your opponent controls 2, they cannot summon anymore monsters. They can still Flip Summon and Tribute Summon (as long as the end results in your opponent having equal monsters as you.)