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Q: Can you use a Visa gift card on Minecraft?
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Can you use a iTunes gift card for minecraft?


Can you use a Visa gift card on Runescape?

im pretty sure you're able to use a prepaid visa gift card on runescape, as long as it has enough money. the only way to know for sure is to try it.

How can you become a webkinz deluxe member for free?

You can't. You have to pay for a webkinz Deluxe membership, although you don't have to use your credit card (by putting in it's information). So if you're worried about the credit card information (because some kids' parents do not wish to include their secret information), then tell you're parents that you do not have to put in your credit card info. Just at least $25.00 in cash, and go to a store, and buy a visa gift card. I promise, it will not include you're parents' credit card info. However, if you use their credit card to buy the visa gift card, I cannot promise you no info being used. But with cash, none of your parents' personal info will be displayed with Ganz or the place that you buy the visa gift card from. :)

Can you buy Minecraft from EB games?

yes. you can buy the Xbox or Playstation version as a disk but The PC version is sold as a 'gift card' sort of thing with a special code you can use to redeem your account at, after a few additional info (Player name, Etc). This saves having to use credit card online at the minecraft website, as not all people want to use their credit cards for saftey reasons.

Do you have to use a credit card for Minecraft?

At this time, the only way to purchase Minecraft is through the website, which means you can only purchase it with either a credit card or through a PayPal account.

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Can you use a visa gift card on iTunes?

Sorry, you can't use an Visa gift card on iTunes. However, you can use your Visa gift card to buy an iTunes gift card Source:

Can you cash your walmart gift card?

If not use it to buy a visa gift card.

Can you use a iTunes gift card for minecraft?


What is the difference between a Visa gift card and a Visa Travel card?

Visa gift cards are normally used for a one time purchase. Visa Travel is more like a credit card. One can use it at an ATM and dispute purchases. Both the gift card and the travel card are both prepaid.

How can you use a prepaid vanilla visa gift card for overseas transaction if the card is only valid in the US?

The vanilla visa gift card can't be use outside of US. If you want something like that, other type of visa gift cards are available from other banks

Can i use a visa gift card online to pay a upgrade on dating service out of US?

can I use visa gift card to pay my online upgrade dating services out of usa

Can you use a Visa Gift Card to purchase an airline ticket?

Yes you can. Visa gift cards can be used at a authorized place that takes visa.

Can you use a Walmart visa gift card anywhere but Walmart?


Can you exchange an American gift card for a visa gift card?

You can get $500 VISA Gift Card directly. You can use my referral link here: h ttps:// (Please just remove spaces)

Is visa gift card world wide?

It should tell you on the back of the card. If it says US Domestic use only, then the card is only valid in the US. The Deluxe-visa gift card might be an option!

Can you use a visa gift card anywhere?

Visa gift cards can be used online and at any store that accepts cards with the Visa logo which is pretty much everywhere.

Can you use visa gift card on roblox?

Yes you can but it wont accept my card for buying r$