How do you clone Pokemon on tppc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you cant but you can breed them

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Q: How do you clone Pokemon on tppc?
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Pokémon tppc can you clone Pokémon?

as far as i know, every Pokemon has its own unique identification number and if it was possible to clone you would probably get banned for it.

How do you clone Pokémon in tppc?


On Pokemon tppc where is the Pokemon center?

there isn't a Pokemon centre in tppc your Pokemon recover after a battle

Do you have tppc cheat codes? for TPPC Pokemon cheats

Tppc RPG where is all the legadery Pokemon?

you can get some Pokemon in the tppc legend or in the battle towers

Best Pokemon in tppc?

the best Pokemon is mewtwo,groudon and the weakest is magikarp do u want to be my friends on tppc rpg my username is Ahedges100798

How do you catch Pokemon in

who cares about Pokemon valcano go on or Pokemon tppc rpg[type in Google]. who cares about Pokemon valcano go on Pokemon or Pokemon tppc rpg[type in Google]. who cares about Pokemon valcano go on Pokemon or Pokemon tppc rpg[type in Google].

How do you catch a dark Pokemon in Pokemon tppc?


What does tppc stand for?

The Pokemon pokecenter.

Is there groundon the Pokemon in tppc?


How do you get kings rock on Pokemon tppc v8?

Go to memorial caves on Tppc 8.0 and find it on teddiursa

What is f00sh's password in Pokemon tppc?

he said it was 1923077