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they have the most hp!

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Q: Why are dark Pokemon in tppc so special?
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How do you beat fatina?

she has ghost Pokemon so you should get guys with dark moves or a dark Pokemon with dark moves and raise them high so you can beat her

Where do you get daylight in TPPC?

You don't get daylight. You just evolve your Pokemon (I think you mean Eevee) during the day. I evolved my Eevee into Espeon and I'm so happy!!

How do get cut in Pokemon dark cry?

There is NO DARK CRY. There is only a Darkrai. So yeah. You can't get 'cut in Pokemon dark cry'.

Are there cheats for tppc rgp?

Just go into the fun rooms and get lotsa cash, then go into buy Pokemon and shiny Pokemon! You'll see a Pokemon that costs around 20,000. It's random so I don't know what it'll be for you. For me it was a shiny Torchic

What is fooSH password in tppc?


Is there any free Pokemon mmorpg?

Yes. Here's just a few: Pokemon Creed (You can get Unova pokemon and badges in this one.) Pokemon Lake Pokemon TPPC Pokemon Indigo (This one's actually kinda lame.) They're all free, so don't worry. Just stay away from Pokemon Toxic. They're just a bunch of scammers.

What is the best Pokemon to beat a sharpedo with in Pokemon sappire?

Sharpedo is a Water and Dark type so use an Electric type, Grass type, or Fighting type. Sharpedo's lowest stat is Special Defense so the most effective way to defeat it is by using special attack moves like Thunderbolt or Mega Drain.

What is the mystery Pokemon in tppc?

Well at first I thought it to be Kyogre. But it could be RESHIRAM. But then it thought that it may be both of them in one picture so we'll wait and see but for the moment I'm sticking with Reshiram.

Are ice types good against dark in Pokemon white?

Dark-type Pokemon are weak to Bug and Fighting moves. So your Ice Pokemon should have some of those.

On tppc Pokemon RPG how do you evolve a Pokemon using the evolution gym?

To evolve a Pokemon at the evolution gym, click 'evolve starter'. It will say if it evolves, what level or if it evolves at the gym. Go to the gym if says so and get your starter (only starter) to beat her Eevee. Hint: Crosschop is very efective.

What is the weaknest of pychic Pokemon?

Bug, ghost, dark. Psychic moves do not effect dark type Pokemon what so ever, so if it is a gym, or league (if you have Pearl or diamond it is there is a psychic league person. it is the 3ed one) i recommend a dark Pokemon. i think the 3 league leader is actually a fighting type Pokemon user.........

What makes Oreos so dark?

Chocolate and cocoa. The cocoa used is likely a special dark cocoa.