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No you can not shop on Club Penguin herberts revenge. I have the game and the game gives you stuff you cant choose or buy anything.

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Q: Can you shop on club penguin Herberts revenge?
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How do you fix Herberts balloon in club penguin herberts revenge?

Use the tape in the gift shop's staff room on the desk, bring it to the balloon then drag the balloon with tape on the heliun tank and blow it up.

Club Penguin herberts revenge can you shop?

no u cant but u earn items and u can put them on by going to items (in a mission) and click the brifcase and put n ur items that u got

Where do you find the earmuffs on Club Penguin?

At the Gift Shop at club penguin.

How on club penguin do you do anything with the rockfall in the mine?

Yes if your a member grab a Hard hat from the gift shop for 50 coins and start mining right there nothing has been happening..... Gather a lot of players with hard hats and break it down! or may be its herberts vicous plan to ruin club penguin

What item is always hidden in the gift shop in club penguin?

no hidden items in the gift shop in club penguin

Where do you get the sixth anniversary hat club penguin 2011?

You get the hat from the coffee shop in Club Penguin.

Where do you get accessories for your penguin in Club Penguin?

You can get accesories from the gift shop,the dock,the cove,and the sport shop.

Where is the belt inside of the sport shop in club penguin?

on a penguin mannequin.

Where do you get the candle from on club penguin?

In the pizza shop!

Where are the eggs on club penguin?

In the pet shop

Where do you get a jackhammer in club penguin?

the gift shop :)

Where is the catalog in club penguin?

in the gift shop