Can you revive in alien swarm?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If the sky is a blood red, and the sun is giving off purple light and you have explosive diarrhea, then yes, using the Pythagorean theorem and soap, one can revive in alien swarm.

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Q: Can you revive in alien swarm?
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With Premature burial and Call of the Haunted after summoning when it is your go can you flip it face down swarm of scarabs locasts?

Yes, you can use the effect of "Swarm of Scarabs" after reviving it with "Premature Burial" or "Call of the Haunted" ("CotH"). If "Premature Burial" was used on "Swarm of Scarabs", then "Premature Burial" will be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard since Spells cannot be equipped to a face-down monster. If "CotH" was used instead, "CotH" will simply stay on the field. It is no longer "connected" to "Swarm of Scarabs". And essentially serves no function. In both cases, "Swarm of Scarabs" is independent of the card used to revive them. It will not be destroyed in the card used to revive them is destroyed.

What is a group of swarm?

A swarm is usually the term for a large 'group' in one place. You cannot have a group of swarm as a swarm is a group

How do you swarm in Pokemon Pearl?

You (as in the person) don't swarm. Instead, the Pokemon swarm. If you watch TV, sometimes they will announce that a bunch of _____ (a bunch of a certain Pokemon) has been spotted at ______ (a place). That is the swarm Pokemon. Swarm Pokemon are really special. Every day of the week there is a new swarm Pokemon. Catch them all! Hope this helped! =)

Where can you revive fossils in platinum?

You could revive it at the oburgh museam

What does a quick revive do in black ops?

Quick Revive 1. Buy quick revive for 1500 2. It will let you revive players faster and sometimes let you withstand more hits from a zombie. Thanks Hope this helped Roadboy98

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When did Alien Swarm happen?

Alien Swarm happened in 2010.

When was Alien Swarm created?

Alien Swarm was created on 2010-07-19.

What aliens does Ben have in his watch in Ben 10 Alien Swarm?

his alien force aliens and nanomechNo, Alien X doesn't appear in Alien Swarm.

Will swamp fire be in alien swarm?


What is the name of bens new alien in ben10 alien swarm?


In ben10 alien swarm what is the name of the new alien?


Is croerstone in Ben 10 alien swarm the movie?

All his aliens are in ben 10 alien swarm BUT he only uses Big Chill, Humungasaur, and his new alien Nanomech

Who is the enemy in ben10 alien swarm?

the hive

Do they have a Ben 10 alien swarm game?


What is a PC game that starts with a?

Alien Swarm.

Who is nanomech?

Nanomech is a tiny alien in Ben 10 which was got in Ben10 alien swarm

Are there any aliens in ben10 alien swarm?

yes there is