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You could revive it at the oburgh museam

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Q: Where can you revive fossils in platinum?
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Where do you revive fossils in ruby?

in rustboro city

Where do you revive the fossils in Pokemon emerald?

be quiet

Where do you go to revive your fossilized Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You revive your Fossils in the Museum that is in Pewter City.

Where do you revive fossils in Pokemon Black and White?

in the museum talk to the guy alone at the desk he will revive it

How do you revive fossils?

you need to take it to cinnabar island

What type of Pokemon evolve from fossils?

fossils don't evolve but YOU can revive them,,these are mostly rock type Pokemon

How do you revive fossils in Pokemon White?

You can revive fossils in Pokémon White in the museum in Nacrene City. Once you have entered the museum, talk to the person in the blue hat on the right hand side.

Were do you revive fossils in heartgold?

after you defeat ash, it is found in Johto, there you can find it

On fossil fighter how long does it take for oasis seeds to grow?

Just go to the fossil center and revive a few fossils and then go and check it. If that didn't work go dig more fossils then revive them then check again.

How do you hatch fossils in emerald?

You do not " hatch " fossils in Emerald, but you can revive them at the Devon Corporation on the second floor in Rustboro City by talking to a scientist there.

Where to revive extinct Pokemon from Pokemon soul silver?

In the Pokemon series you can revive fossils into rare Pokemon. In Pearl you can do this at the coal museum.

What do you do with skull fossils in Pokemon platinum?