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Just go to the fossil center and revive a few fossils and then go and check it. If that didn't work go dig more fossils then revive them then check again.

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Q: On fossil fighter how long does it take for oasis seeds to grow?
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In Fossil Fighters how can you find fossils in the dig site Parchment Desert?

You need to grow oasis's. To grow them, find a man who's in the desert and talk to him. After, go to the fossil shop and look at Today's special. Buy the item and give it to the man and an oasis will apear after an hour.

Who is the strange man in the desert in fossil fighters?

His name is Laurence and he tells you that the dig site is too hot for sonar to work. After talking to him, buy an oasis seed. Give it to him and wait a while for it to grow into an oasis. You have to do this 4 times.

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