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Certain Pokemon do not swarm at specific times. The game gives you the swarm Pokemon at random. Just check each day until it is Ralts.

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Q: When does ralts swarm in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where can you get a Ralts in Pokemon Heartgold?

In Pokemon Heart Gold, Ralts is uncommon. It can be found in route 34 and it is a swarm Pokemon! To find swarm Pokemon such as Ralts, you will have to check Professor Oak's Pokemon Talk radio station on the PokeGear. Each day, he will say a Pokemon that has been spotted in a specific area across Johto or Kanto! This changes each day so it's best to check the radio to see if the Pokemon is available!Hope this helped!! *Winks* o(^_~)oPeace. ^^Ralts is a swarming Pokemon at Route 34. You can also trade or transfer a Ralts from another game.

What is mass out break for Raltz in Pokemon HeartGold?

A mass outbreak means Ralts is the current swarm in Pokémon HeartGold. On a daily basis, the Swarm Pokémon will change but it will usually only be one Pokémon that is swarming.

Where do you find a Ralts in Pokemon HeartGold?

Ralts is a swarming Pokemon at Route 34. You can also trade or transfer a Ralts from another game.

Does anyone know what day Ralts swarm in Heartgold?

You have to check the pokegear everyday to see which pokemon is swarming. Ive been checking for days and im yet to find them. Good luck though!

Can you get ralts in pokemon soulsilver?

Route 34, but only during a swarm. It will be level 10.

Do you need a pokeradar to find ralts on platinum?

You can't get the PokeRadar in HeartGold. Ralts appears on Route 34 but only when there is a swarm. To check if there is a swarm, after getting the National Dex, check Mary and Oak's channel on the PokeGear Radio. A different Swarm will be announced each day so you just have to wait until it's Ralts.

Can you fight a wild kirilia in Pokemon heart gold?

No, you have to get Kirlia from evolving Ralts to level 20. Which Ralts can be located Route 34 during a Swarm.

Can you get ralts in the safari zone in HeartGold?

no only in Pokemon pearl platinum and diamond

Where is ralts in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Its a swarm pokemon it shows up in the grassy patch between the daycare and goldenrod city! Hope this helps

How do you get gardevior in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can migrate from saphire, or you can catch a ralts in the safari zone and evolve it

How do you get swablu in Pokemon HeartGold?

Swablu can be caught in a Swarm. You can see if its the swarm for the day by checking your PokeGear Radio, Mary and Prof. Oak's Pokemon Talk.

How do you get a ralts in Pokemon HeartGold?

there is a man somewhere i cant remember where but u must trad ewith him something or another to a ralts then he's happy your happy