Can you put a sd card in a ds lite?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some flash carts like R4 let you use a MicroSD; apart from that, no.

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Q: Can you put a sd card in a ds lite?
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Where do you put the sd card in a Nintendo ds light?

You don't. The DS Lite doesn't have an SD slot; only the DSi does (including DSi XL.)

What kind of sd card does a ds lite take?

an sd card is a card that stores things it doesnt matter what brand it is

Can a ds lite use a wii and dsi memory sdhc 40gb?

Nope, the ds lite has no SD card slot so you can't use SD cards.

How do you get a sd card for your Nintendo DS?

The original DS/lite does not use an SD card. You need either a DSi, XL or 3DS, and these use regular SD cards that can be purchased from supermarkets, computer or camera stores.

What kind of memory card does a Nintendo ds take?

The original DS and DS Lite cannot take a memory card at all. The DSi takes SD memory cards.

Can you play music on a ds i?

YES but you will need a SD card then with the SD card you put it in your computer and move the music to the card and then put it in your dsi

Where is the sd slot on the nintindo ds lite?

There is no SD slot on either the original DS or the lite. Only the DSi and the DSi XL have them.

Can you fit a micro SD card in a Nintendo DS lite?

Yes but you need a third party cartridge such as the R4.

What is the Nintendo DS catridge slot?

There is a slot on the side of the DS where you can put a SD/MEMORY card.

How much for a Nintendo DS SD card in sterling?

You really don't have to buy one if you have a wii take the sd card out and put it in the nintendo you cn put music on there and put photos on your sd crd it is cool

Does a micro sd card fit inside a ds lite?

I have l;ooked on the internet and there apears to be an R4 adapter card that supports this type of feature. More research needs to be done on this.

Can you download ds games from the net put it in your sd and play it on your ds?

No, homebrew games can't be played like that. The DS can't run code from the SD card, to prevent piracy, unlike the PSP which can run code but only code signed by Sony. In the case of the DS, the SD card just stores data.