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There is no SD slot on either the original DS or the lite. Only the DSi and the DSi XL have them.

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Q: Where is the sd slot on the nintindo ds lite?
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Can a ds lite use a wii and dsi memory sdhc 40gb?

Nope, the ds lite has no SD card slot so you can't use SD cards.

Where do you put the sd card in a Nintendo ds light?

You don't. The DS Lite doesn't have an SD slot; only the DSi does (including DSi XL.)

What is the difference betwen a ds and a dsi?

A Nintendo ds and ds lite have a ds game slot and a gamepak slot(gameboy advanced games). A dsi has a ds game slot, 2 cameras(one on inside one on outside) and a SD card slot.

What is the Nintendo DS catridge slot?

There is a slot on the side of the DS where you can put a SD/MEMORY card.

What is SLOT-1 memory?

Probably referring to the Nintendo Ds and DS lite which had 2 slots. Slot 1 was the main slot for DS games while slot 2 could receive Gameboy Advance games and peripherals like a Guitar Hero adapter. Memory might refer to using 3rd party hardware which holds micro sd cards to store the pirate games to play on the ds. Micro SD fits into 3rd party Cart. Cart fits into Nintendo DS slot 1.

What version is a Nintendo DS lite?

I believe you're talking about the Nintendo DSi. It is nearly the same as a DS Lite, but with 2 cameras, an SD Card slot, and improved hardware and applications.

Can you play DS games in a Wii?

No. The slot that looks like a DS cartrige slot is used for SD Cards only.

Which ds is better?

Here are the best points about each version of DS: The Original DS is the cheapest model The DS Lite has sold the most (so far) The DSi is the newest model, has 2 cameras and an SD card slot, but can't play GBA games.

What are the other slots for in the dsi?

Slot:DS Slot (slot-1)SD (memory card) slotConnection:3.5mm jack (for ear-phone)Power (to charge the battery)The DS and DS Lite have a GBA slot (slot-2). This slot is also used by some accessories like guitar hero and the rumble pack. Those accessories are not compatible with DSi and DSi XL because there is no slot-2.

Does the DSi have 2 ds game slots?

No. The only slots are: 1 ds game slot 1 sd card slot Hope that helps

What kind of sd card does a ds lite take?

an sd card is a card that stores things it doesnt matter what brand it is

How do you get a sd card for your Nintendo DS?

The original DS/lite does not use an SD card. You need either a DSi, XL or 3DS, and these use regular SD cards that can be purchased from supermarkets, computer or camera stores.