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No you cannot. But there will always be a password for your gamer-tag

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Q: Can you put a password on a xbox 360?
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What is the wifi password for 2WIRE616?

Xbox 360

What is the network password from xbox360?

Xbox 360

How do you unlock passcode on Xbox 360 when you forgot it?

how do i unlock password to the 360 console

Can you put a regular hardrive in a Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can put an xbox 360 harddrive into an arcade 360

Can you set a Xbox 360 lock password that no one else can play your 360 at all if they cant put it in?

tke hom eal, wiat om actt

Does copied xbox 360 games work on a normal xbox 360?

No, you can play x-box games on the 360 though.

Can you put a Xbox 360 hardrive into a Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

Can you trade an xbox 360 for a newer xbox 360 at game stop?

You can trade the Xbox 360 for store credit, and with that you can put it towards the new Xbox 360.

How do you make your Xbox 360 read Xbox games?

just put the game in the xbox 360

How do you recover a deleted password on a xbox 360?

If the password is deleted, just create a new one.

Can you put a 20GB hard drive on an Xbox 360 Elite?

You can put any xbox 360 hard drive on any 360 version

How do you put Xbox 360 firmware on your Xbox 360?

put the firmware from your PC to a usb then connect the usb into the xbox360