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NEVER PUT A HARDDRIVE ON A Xbox 360 ARCADE you should have bought the xbox 369 pro

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2009-06-02 12:43:10
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Q: Is it good to put a harddrive on a arcade xbox 360?
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Does xbox 360 arcade come with the harddrive?


Can you put a regular hardrive in a Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can put an xbox 360 harddrive into an arcade 360

What is the difference between the xbox 360 and the xbox arcade?

About two differences: one: the xbox three sixty has a harddrive two: the xbox arcade comes with free arcade games but doesnt have a hard drive

Can xbox 360 arcade play Halo 3?

Yes it can. I personally have an Xbox 360 arcade and halo 3. There are som things on Xbox Live that you cannot do, because it doesnt come with a harddrive, but you can play the game.

Is xbox 360 arcade good?


Does the Xbox 360 come with a harddrive?

Yes. arcade is 30gb (i think) pro is 60gb and elite is 120 gb

On the Xbox 360 will the 120gb harddrive addition such as the one sold at Wal-Mart work on the arcade edition 360 and if so what will it do for it?

yes it will work for the xbox 360 and it will let u play orignal xbox games

Does halo 1 work on Xbox 360 arcade?

if you got a harddrive it will run any xbox original game. minus a very select few

What is the difference between xbox 360 pro and xbox 360 arcade?

The Xbox 360 arcade does no include a hard drive. The Xbox 360 pro does.

Which is best Xbox 360 or Xbox arcade?

An xbox arcade IS an xbox 360, just without the hard drive.

How good is the Xbox 360 elite?

It has a lot more feature then the xbox arcade!

Does Xbox 360 Arcade play all Xbox 360 games with the same high quality as the other types of Xbox 360's available such as the Pro or the Elite?

Elite is better because it has BIGGER harddrive space and it also comes with a headset and a wireless controller but all versions of the xbox 360 have the same hardware, chips. Also games on Xbox 360 can be used fopr arcade

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