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put the firmware from your PC to a usb then connect the usb into the xbox360

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2011-09-13 06:06:43
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Q: How do you put Xbox 360 firmware on your Xbox 360?
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What is a Xbox 360 lt 3.0?

The Xbox 360 lt 3.0 is the new firmware (O/S) for the console. You will be given a chance to download the firmware when you turn and log onto your Xbox live account. However, you can just download the firmware yourself, put it on a CD and install it like that.

How do you get viruses off xbox360?

You cannot get a virus on your xbox 360 unless you messed around with your xbox 360 firmware.

Can a burned Xbox game play on a Xbox 360 without moded firmware?

sorry to tell you this but no

How do you play downloaded games on Xbox 360 without firmware update?

You can't.

Does xbox 360 reset also reset its frimware?

No. The firmware will stay the same.

Are Xbox 360 hard drives region free?

Yes Xbox 360 hard drives are region free. Region codes are only used in the Xbox 360's DVD drive firmware.

What does hacking your Xbox 360 do?

Hacking your xbox is basicly changing the firmware of the diskdrive to be able to play backup games.

What is a flash for the xbox 360?

Flashing is editing the firmware on the 360 disk drive so back ups can be played ;)

Can you put a regular hardrive in a Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can put an xbox 360 harddrive into an arcade 360

What is better Xbox 360 0r Xbox 360 slim?

i would say that xbox 360 is a little bit worse because the new xbox 360 slim is lighter, better looking and will not scratch your cds. because it does not have a tray. and the new xbox 360 slim will last longer because of the firmware it will be rare to get rrod and the xbox 360 slim is kinect ready

Can you put a Xbox 360 hardrive into a Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

What is xbox 360 iXtreme 1.6?

It is a firmware or software patch that allows you to play "backup" games.

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