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Q: Can you play fifa 12 on Nintendo DSi?
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Can I play a fifa Nintendo wii game on android?

just fifa 12

When is fifa 12 coming out for dsi?


Will FIFA 12 work on dsi?

Yes it will but it will be boring thoigh

Is FIFA 12 coming out on the DS?

No. The 3DS is the only Nintendo handheld that FIFA 12 is being released for.

When is fifa 12 out on Nintendo Wii?

September, 26, 2011

Will FIFA 12 on nintendo wii have ultimate team?

Yes it should do

Can you play in the euro league in FIFA 12?

The Europa league is not in FIFa 12

How do you find out your play time on FIFA 12?

i dont think there is away to find out your play time on Fifa 12

How can you play Fifa 12 on the PS3?

You need to buy a FIFA 12 CD for PS3 and then play it.That's simple.You cannot have a fake game for that.

Can you play FIFA 12 on iPod multiplayer?

Unfortunately not, FIFA 12 on ipod is solely single player.

How do you play World Cup tournament on FIFA 12?

You can't play a world cup tournament in FIFA 12. but u can create a tournament with 32 teams and name it as worldcup and play.

Can you play as goalie in FIFA 13?

You can have a goalkeeper as your virtual pro in FIFA 13 as you could in FIFA 12.