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Check out the related link for a video on how to change the language on FIFA 12.

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Q: How do you change the language on FIFA 12 for PSP?
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How do you get on fifa 12 ultimate team on psp?

go on psp

Does fifa 12 on psp have ultimate team?

Yeah as long as you have internet

Can you get FIFA 2011 on PS2?

Yes FIFA Soccer 11 is available for the PS2, PC, PSP, PS3, Wii, DS, & Xbox 360 and so is FIFA Soccer 12 but with the 3DS

How do you change your security question on fifa 12?


How do you change subs on FIFA 12?

in the fifa homepage, you go to my fifa 12 and to team management, or before a game you put team management and change the players that are labelled under substitutes to the ones that are in reserve under the subs.

How much has FIFA 12 changed from FIFA 11?

There are lots of change in jerseys, some changes in teams ang graphics and there are some new skills in fifa 12. It is also more updated

How do you tricks on PSP FIFA 12?

you hold down L and rotate the analogue stick away from the person you are trying to avoid on the field and you will do trick/skill

Is FIFA 12 the same as FIFA 11?

No. Fifa 12 is slightly updated.

Which is better pes 12 or FIFA 12?

fifa 12,trust me.....

Can you dive in FIFA 12?

No you can't dive on FIFA 12 or any FIFA game.

How is better FIFA 12 or pes 12?

Fifa 12. No explanation is needed...

Can you play in the euro league in FIFA 12?

The Europa league is not in FIFa 12