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I am trying to figure it out

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Q: How do you play two player fifa 12 online?
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How do you play two player online in modern warfare 2 ps3?

There is no two player online for mw2 on ps3 or xbox 360

How do you play 2 player in gta v online?

there is no option to play two player on GTA 5.

Why can you play two player multiplayer online on a 360 and not a ps3?

Xbox players are unable to play online with PlayStation players because they online play is run through two different domains.

How do you play two player online on cod4?

You can not play two players online on cod4, it is one player only, the only things you can do with two players is split screen. You could make another user on your ps3 and let one person play on that account and another on a different account

How can you play 2 players on mw2?

to play two player split screen on modern warfare to you must first choose multiplayer at the main menu. you then choose splitscreen and then you set up a game and play each other. you can also play 4 player but you unfortunately cant play two player splitscreen whilst online (halo you can !!!) hope this helps

Do you need the San Van Party Pack to play with friends on Skate 3?

to play two player on your system you do but to play online with your friends you just need to go to online play

Is fifa 11 two player?

Yeah, I think you can play a full 11 a side match, because of the new Be A Pro: Goalkeeper Hope This Helped :)

Can you play two player online red dead redetion?

two people can not play together on the same console on Red Dead Redemption.

Can dc universe online ps3 two player?

you cannot play local but you can play with other psn users

Is Naughty Bear a two player game?

Yes and no you can only play multilayer online.

Can you play multiplayer call of duty modern warfare on xbox live with two people?

not on the same system but with other people.

How many players are in a soccer slime team?

Slime soccer is a game available to play online, it can be either a one player to two player game. As one player the computer plays, for two player the opponents play against each other.