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for online you need to add a guest, to do this you press Y or triangle

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Q: How do you play 2 players for fifa 12?
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Can you play 2 player online on fifa 12 ps3?

yes, if both the players are on the same team.

Can 2 players play online in fifa 12?

Yes, if you click Y (at least for Xbox, may be different for other systems) you can add a player.

How do you get coins on fifa 11 untimeate team?

1. play games 2. sell players

Why do you only have 2 players in the pitch on fifa 11?

Because they are the players you play with to practice. To practice further press the 'Select' button on the controller. If you don't no where the button is, it is near the middle circle.

How do you play 2 players on offline dynasty on ncaa football 12?


Can you play 2 players online on Gran Turismo 5?

There is no support for splitscreen racing, so you can´t play two players offline. You can however play online with up to 12 players.

How do you do 2 vs 2 on FIFA 12?

Go on my FIFA 12 online, custom games and choos ethe 2 vs 2 lobby

What is the difference between FIFA 12 and FIFA 12 demo?

There are lots of differences from fifa 11 to fifa 12. 1) Fifa 12 introduces a impact system that produces some pretty weird glitches which seem to "add" realistic parts to the game. 2) Fifa 12 for PS3 has included the Ultimate team pack already with it so you don't have to download it. There are other differ ences which you can find on the ea sports fifa website From Fifa games lover

Can xbox360 and ps3 fifa 12 players trade coins etc.?

No they are 2 separate games with only the same titles. They work on separate networks and are not compatible in any way

How many players can play in Fable 2?

1-2 players.

How do I play FIFA 09 online for playstation 2?

You must have the game in your PS2 and be connected to the internet in order to play FIFA Soccer 09 PS2

How can do 2 players on NFS hot pursuit?

You can play 2 players on NFS Hot pursuit by online play.