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Yes 2 players can play NBA 2k11 on a xbox.

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Q: Can 2 players play nba 2k11 on one xbox?
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Can two players play NBA 2K11 on one PC?


Can 2 players play nba 2k11 on one wii?

You should be able to.

When did NBA 2k11 come out?

Nba 2k11 came out on October the fifth for PS3 and Xbox 360 i believe.

Which is better NBA 2k11 or NBA elite 11?

NBA 2k11 because it is way easier and its on xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii

How do you play as a rookie in nba 2k11?

You can play as a rookie if you have myplayer mode it's only on ps3, xbox 360 and i think psp.

What grahics are better NBA 2k10 or NBA 2k11?

I have both games on Xbox 360 and NBA 2k11 has better graphics but not by much. Oh and by the way NBA 2k11 is one of the most well thought out games i have ever played.

How do you call a play in nba 2k11 on xbox Ive tried LB but it doesnt work?

Your team cem has to be at least B+ or A+

Can you do a my player in NBA 2k11 on the ps2?

There is no myplayer on PS2 only on PS3 and Xbox 360.

How do you download my face on to nba 2k11?

I don't think you can, but you can try hacking your xbox 360.