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Q: Can you make a custom character in soul calibur 4 with the apprentice's fighting style?
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How do you get algol son on soul calibur 4?

You can't, but you can make a custom character of him quite easily.

What does leveling up in soul calibur 4 do?

It increases the level of that fighting style. For example, when you level up Yoda to say...level 4, then you''ll be able to equip more and better skills on your custom character with Yoda's fighting style.

Why don't the custom characters in soul calibur iv have full life gauges Everyone i've made only have half the life they should Anyone know?

I am not familiar with Soulcalibur IV, but I would suggest checking the game's FAQ to see if your custom character is actually meeting all of the specs to have a greater full life gauge. Also, make sure your custom character has enough of the proper equipment, which increases the number of points it has.

How do you be your custom character in star wars the complete saga for wii?

If you have created your custom character in the Cantina and saved, then you will be able to use your custom character on free play and battle mode by selecting the two characters in the bottom right areas of the character selection screen.

Will budokai tenkaichi 4 have custom character mode?

Of course.

How do you make your own custom brawl character textures?

Put plaster on the character who's texture you want to alter

Will there be a custom character creation in Mortal Kombat vs dc universe?


How do you import a custom character into ssb nes version?

There is no NES version.

Why can't i play my custom character in rainbow six Vegas?


Where can you get custom made mma fighting shorts?

i get mine at gliks in rolla,mo and sullivan,mo

Can Samus Aran be playable in Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

As a custom character yes.

Where is the custom character creator in Lego Batman the videio game?

Arkham Asylum.