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yes provided that you have done the troll stronghold quest and have the magic level of 61 for the trollheim teleport otherwise you have to use climbing boots to get to godwars

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Q: Can you get to god wars dungeon without climbing boots?
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Does obsidian cape work as an zamorak item in god wars dungeon?

No. An obsidian cape has nothing to do with items that will aggro monsters in god wars dungeon.

Where can you find a lot of imps on runescape?

God wars dungeon, north of Yanille, and south of Falador are some good examples.

How do you hack crazy penguin wars without fiddler?

You need fiddler

How do you get to runescape god wars dungeon?

-Warning-Players must either have 60 Strength or 60 Agility in order to gain entry, and must have also completed the Troll Stronghold quest up to the point where they defeat Dad. Lower leveled players who enter the God Wars Dungeon should turn on Protect from Melee. If not turned on, the minions can kill you within a few seconds, this should not be as much of a problem if you are 115+ combat level. Another (and more advisable) option is to bring a piece of equipment to that corresponding god, so that the minions that follow that specific god will not attack you once you enter. With the right planning of armour and weapons you can enter the God Wars Dungeon safely.---------------------------------- -How To Get There- The God Wars Dungeon is just north of Trollheim and west to the wilderness. The dungeon can either be reached by pushing a boulder out of the way with level 60 Strength when coming from Trollheim (teleport to Trollheim then run north, climbing down the mountain), or squeezing through a crevice next to the boulder with level 60 Agility. Around the Dungeon entrance (rope required) you will be feeling the full force of the mountains' icy wind, which does 1 damage often and lowers all stats. Be careful of the Ice Wolves (level-132) close to the entrance, and on your first visit there speak to the Dying knight and then tie a rope to the rocks near the hole. The knight will give you a letter, if you bring it to Sir Tiffy Cashien you will be able to attain sword shards from the boss-monsters. Once you climb down into the dungeon your special attack energy and running energy will drain to zero. Note: Inside the dungeon the winds no longer reduce any stats. if u go in be careful there are alot of high lv's there even is a lv 528 in the thing that is really hard 2 kill so becareful and good luck oh yea its in lv 42 wildy and its next to the ice warriors and ice giants...................................

Where to find hellhounds on RuneScape?

Here's a few places where you'll find Hellhounds: - God Wars Dungeon ( Level 127 - Max Hit 14) P.S wear Zamorak cape ( mage arena ) to avoid being teamed. - Taverly Dungeon ( Level 122 - Max Hit 13 ) - South Of Taverly - South Of Axe Hut - Members Wilderness - Eastern Ardougne Dungeon - Wilderness Volcano (the only site in free-play)

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Does obsidian cape work as an zamorak item in god wars dungeon?

No. An obsidian cape has nothing to do with items that will aggro monsters in god wars dungeon.

What is in god wars dungeon on runescape?

The God Wars Dungeon is full of monsters ranging from level 11 - 600+. Its very dangerous but the rewards are good and can earn you up to 100m+

What are the release dates for Dungeon Bastard - 2011 Edition Wars 2-4?

Dungeon Bastard - 2011 Edition Wars 2-4 was released on: USA: 17 January 2012

Is The God Wars Dungeon a members place?

yes it is members only

How do you get fast money in rs?

Rorarii in the Ascension dungeon, Frost dragons in the Asgardian dungeon or General Graador in the God Wars Dungeon are all pretty good cash p/h.

Can you bring a borrowed item in god wars dungeon?

Yes I think so.

How do you get a godsword on RuneScape?

Buy it on the Grand Exchange, or earn it in God Wars Dungeon

How do you get climbing gear in Mafia Wars?

You can buy climbing gear from Mafia inventory in Las Vegas. But it shows up after certain level (more than 125)

What is the most dangerous place in runescape?

One of the most dangerous locations in Rune Scape is the God Wars Dungeon. This location contains enemies that can easily kill under leveled or under prepared players but also contains rare and unique items.

How do you get dragon boots in runescape?

Either save up the money to buy them through the Grand Exchange, or if you have at least 83 Slayer you can kill Spiritual Mages in God Wars Dungeon, they drop them occasionally. Buying through the Grand Exchange is a lot quicker and probably cheaper though.

What does the characters from Star Wars wear?

long trousers and boots with a helmet and light saber :) x

How do you get millions of cash on runescape quick and easy?

it is really impossible the best way is the god wars dungeon really