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Some are:

Not enough Items,


Industrial craft 2,

Redstone power

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Q: What mods does direwolf20 use minecraft?
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How do you use mods in Minecraft after they are downloaded?

just play minecraft

When playing minecraft inbrowser can you use mods?

no mods dont work

How do get pokemobs in Minecraft?

you can get minecraft mods and textures off the minecraft mods website.

How do you complete minecraft mods?

Mods come completed, there is nothing you have to finish to use them.

How do you use mods in Minecraft 1.2.5?

YOu download them.

How do you install mods on Minecraft on a Mac?

Google for Modstallation. You can use that software to install mods.

How do you get Minecraft texture packs with out signing into to Minecraft?

You can if you use mods or server texturepacks

Do you have to be in survival mode to use mods in Minecraft?


Can you use Minecraft guns on the computer yes or no?

Yes, you can download and install mods on the PC version of Minecraft, there are several gun mods you can apply.

Can i use mods in minecraft beta even without CD?

You don't need a CD for mods. You don't need a CD for Minecraft at all.

How do you get mods on Minecraft?

A good way to get minecraft mods is to use Forge. With Forge, you can download mods of your choice instantly. Just download the Forge client, and you're good to go! :D

Do you download bearshare to get Minecraft mods?

bearshare is not required to get minecraft mods.