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Thinkin logicaly, it should be because i hav r4ds lite and i thnk the cheat its done using national dex so i don't see why not =)
you could always just try it and find out =)
PS can you get r4 dsi? that's cool
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Q: Can you get Darkrai and arceus via r4i cheats?
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How do you get a Arceus in soul silver with trading and no cheats?

the only way you can get arceus without cheating is by getting a mystery gift, you get them via wireless internet, look up when the arceus event is coming

Who are the three mystery Pokemon such as darkray?

the three Pokemon are arceus darkrai and can get the item (i.e: oak's letter) via ar, Nintendo event or mystery gift.

When does the Pokemon special event happened?

it depends on what event you are looking for.YOU CAN GO TO A NINTENDO EVENT FOR ANY EVENT darkrai,shaymin and arceus can be gotten via Nintendo event

What Level is Darkrai?

If you get Darkrai via a event on platinum it will be at lv.50

Arceus Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

he is in it, but he is only availiable after defeating darkrai, and via a specail event or wonder mail. to find mor info go to:

What lv is Arceus at in Pokemon diamon?

Arceus, when encountered at the Hall of Origin, can be encountered at Level 80. However, the event distribution Arceus have all been level 100. Gaining this Pokémon at the Hall of Origin is only possible via cheats/hacking, due to the Azure Flute event never being distributed officially.

How do you get Arceus via cheating?

Action Replay.

Where do you find Arceus in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot find Arceus in Pokémon SoulSilver, the only possible ways in order to get Arceus in "SoulSilver" is via a Nintendo event, via a cheating device or by trading with someone who has gotten one.

How do you find darckrie on Pokemon black?

Darkrai can only be obtained via trading with someone who has it. The event for Darkrai was only for DPPt.

How dol you get Arceus?

The only way to get Arceus is via an event distribution. This is the same with all event Legendary Pokemon.

How to access the Arceus code in Pokemon diamond?

the only way to get arceus is via a mystery vent in japan only sorry

Where do you find Arceus on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Arceus is not obtainable via wild in any game except for the Azure Flute in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Arceus can be obtain via the Sinjoh Ruins event, Trading from previous games (DPPt) or Action Replay DS.