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First of all his name is Lance. Second of all he's in front of a sign next to an old man.

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Q: Where is the guy with a cape when you get to lake of rage?
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Where is the guy with the black cape after you talk to him at The Lake Of Rage in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the Pokemon league

What do you do at the lake of rage after capturing the red garadois in soul silver?

you go to the guy in the cape and talk to him then go to the house with the weird tree the guy is there you will find out what to do next

How do you find the guy with a black cape in mahogany town in heart gold?

You meet him at the lake of rage after fighting or catchig the red gyrados.

Where do you find the guy with the black cape on Pokemon HeartGold?

You must be at the Lake of Rage and use Surf to swim towards the Red Gyarados. Either capture or defeat the Gyarados and then make your way back to the bank of the lake, you will now meet up with the black cape guy.

Where is the 7 gym leader in soulsliver?

mahogany town but you have to go to lake of rage and fight the red gyarados and talk to lance (the guy in the blakc cape with a dragonite) near the lake after fighting the gyrados.

How do you get past the guy bloking the seventh gym on Pokemon Soul Silver?

He should mention a guy in a cape. Go north to Lake Rage and talk to Lance, the guy in the cape. Then you will have to go back to Mahogany Town and go into the weird shop. After clearing the hidden base there, you should be able to go into the gym.

Where is the underground warehouse in Pokemon Crystal?

first, you go to lake of rage in Mahogany Town. then there is a guy that is a guy that is looking at a sign, you talk to him. he will vanish. leave lake of rage. then a sign is next to a house. go in the house. the guy that you talked to at lake of rage is in there. he finds the secret stairs. go down the stairs. that's the underground warehouse. enjoy:) !

What city is the guy with rage candy bars in?

Mahogany City, until you catch or faint the red gyrados in the lake of rage.

How do you get the guy to move who is blocking the way to the lake of rage?

No one is blocking the way to the Lake of Rage. There is one person blocking the Gym and another blocking the way to route 44.

Who is the man meditating in the Lake of Rage?

he's the guy that gives you the TM Hidden Power

Where is the guy with the black cape?

There will be a guy that wont let u go east so go north from what city that is still in the city tho and it will take u to lake of rage were u can catch a red gyrodos then wen u start to head back he will be there and talk to him

Where do you find petrel in soul silver?

you can find petrel at Mohagany town after u find the man in the black cape at the lake of rage.