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You meet him at the lake of rage after fighting or catchig the red gyrados.

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Q: How do you find the guy with a black cape in mahogany town in heart gold?
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Why cant you see the black cape guy in Pokemon heart gold?

You can but only after defeating the red find him in the poke mart thing in mahogany town...

How do you get the move thief in heart gold and soul silver?

You can find the TM Thief in the Team Rocket hideout in Mahogany Town.

Is mahogany wood easy to cut?

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How do you find the guy wearing the black cape on soul silver?

the guy that wears a black cape and has red hair should be Lance but if its someone different i dont know

Where do you find the guy with red hair and a lack cape in pokemon soulsilver?

If you mean the dragon guy, he is found first in the nija town with the ice gym leader when you are investigating team rocket. If you mean your rival, he is found I think in every other city, or something like that.

Where to find man in black cape on Pokemon soulsiver?

Lance is the last of the elite four.

What do you go after obtaining the 7th gym badge in Pokemon heart gold?

You go to one of the houses in Mahogany Town and then you will find stairs and team rocket.

Where do you find petrel in soul silver?

you can find petrel at Mohagany town after u find the man in the black cape at the lake of rage.

Where do you find the gym leader from Mahogany Town in Cianwood City in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Mahogany City gym leader is not in Cianwood. He is in the gym in Mahogany, not anywhere else.

How do you find a guy in a black cape in Pokemon soul silver?

The guy in the black cape is named Lance, and he appears to you after you go to the Lake of Rage and defeat/capture the Red Gayrados. If you are wondering if you should pay the Team Rocket Grunts who are inside to checkpoint building to get through, you can, nothing happens. They disappear later when you beat the Team Rocket operatives in Mahogany Town. But, I am pretty sure you can use the tall grass on the left of the building to get around it if you don't mind risking the wild Pokemon, but they shouldn't be a problem. Hope this helps

Where do you find Pryce in soulsilver?

Mahogany Gym

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