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nonin i guess

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Q: What happens when you get all the sex dolls in saints row the third?
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Is there partial nudity in saints row?

Saints Row 1 has nudity along with the upcoming Saints Row: The Third. All of Saints Row 2's nudity is blocked by pixilation.

Can you reduce language on Saints Row The Third?

yes but you may have to mute all voices

What songs are in saints row the third?

go to cheats for sr3 on ccc and they have all the music

What happens when you own all the hoods on Saints Row 2?

You can just get all the cheats and work on the activities

Can you take off the censors in saints row the third?

Yes, all you have to do is masturbate the dudes dick

How do you unlock mascot outfits in saints row the third?

Do all of the professor Genki's mission thingys

How can you start a new story with the same character in saints row the third?

try to recreate him in the same figure you basically are the same person in all the saints row games

All about the pussycat dolls?

pussycat means cats; and dolls are dolls. so cat dolls?

What is the best downloadable content for saints row the third?

As of right now, they are all overpriced. Don't buy ANY of them.

What happens in saints row 3 when you complete all the professor genki activities?

You get the 'mascot' type homies.

How do you find the Gatmobile in saints row the third?

It is usually parked up beside a Planet saints store (clothing store.) Which can be found all over the game. :) (Of course there are times when it isn't there.)

When was All the Dolls in the Same Place created?

All the Dolls in the Same Place was created in 2005.