Can you fight gym leaders twice?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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vs seeker

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Q: Can you fight gym leaders twice?
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How do you fight the gym leaders again in Pokemon Black?

You cannot fight the Gym Leaders again in Pokémon Black after defeating them and being awarded their Gym Badges.

Can the gym leaders in Pokemon FireRed can be battled twice?


Can you fight gym leaders again?

from what i know, only in platinum

How do you skip gym leaders in Pokemon?

i think u have to fight them and

How do you fight dad at the gym Pokemon emerald?

after you beat 4 to 5 gym leaders you can face him

In Pokemon Black and White are there gym leaders?

Yes, there will be Gym Leaders in Black and White. It has the usual 8 Gyms however there are 2 differences. The first Gym has 3 Gym Leaders but you'll only fight 1 of them depending on the Starter you chose and the last Gym has 2 Gym Leaders but the Gym Leader for that Gym differs depending on your game.

Who are the gym leaders in Pokemon platinum and what is the best starter Pokemon to use?

the gym leaders are the same as they are on pearl and diamond. but the order you fight the gym leaders are different. Turtwig would be the easiest way through the game.

What do you do after beaten all gym leaders twice?

shut the heck up that's what

Can you fight ash and Gary in Pokemon emerald?

No. But, you can fight them (as gym leaders) In Pokemon Silver/Gold.

Where do you find the guy with yellow hair after you fight him at fight area?

You can go to his gym and just talk to him or in the Survival Area there is a house for challenging Gym Leaders

How do you redo the gym leaders on Pokemon pearl?

You can't fight them again if you go to their gyms. But to fight them again you have to go to the Survival Area and gain access to the place near the Pokemon Center and some of the Gym Leaders will be there.

How do you get to the ghost gym leader in diamond?

gotta beat the other gym leaders first and them come back to fight her