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i think u have to fight them and

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Q: How do you skip gym leaders in Pokemon?
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How many gym leaders are there in Pokemon Lake?

There are 8 gym leaders in Pokemon lake.

How do you catch a gym leaders Pokemon in Pokemon indigo?

the only problem is you cannot catch a gym leaders Pokemon !!!!

What type of Pokemon will the gym leaders use?

There are different types of gym leaders and each gym leader has a different pokemon type.

How can you rechallenge gym leaders in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot rebattle Gym Leaders.

Can you rebattle gym leaders in Pokemon dimond?

No, however, in Pokemon Platinum, it is possible to rebattle gym leaders at the Survival Area.

Can you skip to Pokemon gym leaderds on yellow?

No, sorry!

Can you skip a gym in a Pokemon game?

no you cant are you blind!

In Pokemon do any gym leaders give you a Pokemon?


In Pokemon Crystal how do you get into the eighth gym leaders gym?

you capture the ledgon dariy Pokemon

What is everything you do after you beat the third gym leader in Pokemon Emerald?

you build up your Pokemon higher than the gym leaders and the you kill the gym leaders Pokemon and as they all faint you will get a badge and you have to move on to nuger 4 gym leader

How do you rebattle gym leaders in Pokemon White?

You cannot rebattle Gym Leader in Pokemon White.

Who are the gym leaders in Pokemon platinum and what is the best starter Pokemon to use?

the gym leaders are the same as they are on pearl and diamond. but the order you fight the gym leaders are different. Turtwig would be the easiest way through the game.