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shut the heck up that's what

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Q: What do you do after beaten all gym leaders twice?
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What do you do when you beat all the gym leaders in soulsilver?

If you beat all the gym leaders then you can try to beat the Elite Four, or you could go get the National Pokedex. (If you've beaten all the gym leaders, your doing pretty good!)

What do you do when you have beaten all Kanto gym leaders in soul silver?

fight red

How do you get all legendary Pokemon in platinum?

Go in to every Pokemon gym and get beaten at least 10 times againgst the gym leaders.

What do you do after you beaten all of johto's gym leaders and you came out the dragon's den in blackthorn city?

Go to Elm

How do you get rock climb in HeartGold?

You can get Rock Climb from Professor Oak after you've beaten all 16 Gym Leaders.

You have just beaten the Pokemon league in platinum version so when can you do rematches with the gym leaders?

There is an inn where 3 Gym Leaders battle you (on the Battle Zone)

Where do you find red in Pokemon Gold?

after you have beaten all the Kanto gym leaders, you can get through to Mt. Silver where you will find Red

How do you surf to kanto without Lyra stopping you after you have beaten all the gym leaders in Pokemon soul silver?

catch lugia

Can you fight gym leaders twice?

vs seeker

Where is oak in pokemon soulsilver?

After you have battled and beaten all eight gym leaders of Johto, you get on a ship to the Kanto region. Professor oak should be at Pallet town but you will have to beat most of the Kanto Gym leaders to get to him. Good Luck!

Were do you find the move rock climb in soul silver?

after you have beaten all 16 gym leaders you talk to professor oak and he will give it to you

Can the gym leaders in Pokemon FireRed can be battled twice?