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after you beat 4 to 5 gym leaders you can face him

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Q: How do you fight dad at the gym Pokemon emerald?
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When do you defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

You fight him after you get 4 gym badges

Pokemon emerald where is the gym of dad?

the first place where you see him after you get your first pokemon.

Surf on pokemon emerald?

Wally's dad gives it to you after you beat your dad's gym.

How can you fight Norman in Pokemon Emerald?

You fight him after you get 4 gym badges

Can you fight ash and Gary in Pokemon emerald?

No. But, you can fight them (as gym leaders) In Pokemon Silver/Gold.

How do you beat your dad on Pokemon emerald?

get fighting type Pokemon and four gym badges

Where do you get TM Facade Pokemon emerald?

You get it when you battle your dad which is the fifth gym

How do you obtain surf in Pokemon emerald?

after you beat your dad in the gym a person gives it to you

How many gyms do you defeat to fight your dad in Pokemon ruby?

Four gym's you r dad is in the fifth gym.

How do you get past petal burg gym on Pokemon emerald?

you have to fight Pokemon you see hope this helped

How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

petalburg city gym. That is the one where you 'Dad' is the gym leader. hope this helped.

Is peatal berg where your dad lives in Pokemon emerald?

yes he is in the gym you can see him after you beat him