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You fight him after you get 4 gym badges

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Q: When do you defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?
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What Pokemon do you need to defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon with fighting type moves

How do you defeat your dad in Pokemon emerald?

to beat your dad you need fighting types like MACHOP.ect

How do you get the HM Surf in Pokemon Emerald?

After you defeat you dad in Petalburg, Wally's dad will come into the gym, he will lead you into their house, and then he will give it to you.

How you can get the surf in Pokemon emerald?

After winning 5th gym,wally's dad gives it.

What Pokemon does your dad have in emerald?

dad has all you idiot!

When you defeat Pokemon emerald noland will you get th Pokemon you use?

no no

Where do you find surf in Pokemon emerald?

After you defeat the Lavabridge gym leader, go to Norman (Your dad) and beat him. He will give you surf. Hope I helped! :)

What do you do after battling Flannery in Pokemon emerald?

you go.back to petalburg gym and defeat your dad. After that wallys father will give you the HM surf. then you can surf from mauvillle and continue.

What do you do after you beat your dad in pokemon emerald?

You celebrate!

How do you get fly in Pokemon emerald?

defeat winona first

Where is the exp shear on emerald?

after you defeat you dad go to mom and she will give it to you

How do you make the battle with your dad available on Pokemon emerald?

of course after you get empoleon in emerald