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petalburg city gym. That is the one where you 'Dad' is the gym leader. hope this helped.

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Q: How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Emerald?
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In what city can you buy ultra balls in Pokemon emerald?

all after where you get the fifth badge

What is Pokemon Red fifth badge?

In Pokemon Red, the fifth badge is possessed by the Poison-Type Koga. The badge is named Soul Badge. It lets you use Surf outside of Battle.

Where do you get stone badge on Pokemon emerald?

at the gym

How do you get to the fifth badge in emerald?

Go back to your dads gym in petalburg

What do i do next after i get the 7th badge in Pokemon in emerald?

Go to the Pokemon league.

Where to get the second badge in Pokemon emerald?

Dewford Town.

What does the stone badge do in Pokemon emerald?

Destroys picachew

Where is the eighth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

the ground gym

Where do you get the fifth badge on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Fuschia city.

How do you get the fifth badge in Pokemon Diamond?

hearthome city

Where is the fifth gym badge in Pokemon diamond?


How do you get fifth badge Pokemon diamond?

Hearthome City.