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No, But there is a spec ops type thing which is like campaign but is muliplayer.

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Q: Can you do multiplayer campaign in mw2?
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Is black o PS better than MW2?

i think modern warfare 2 had better graphics by quite a lot and mw2 campaign is better then black ops one but i do like black ops zombies i think treyarch has fail to beat mw2 campaign and graphics but multiplayer is just about the same but black ops has got worse killstreaks then mw2

How do you play 2 player campaign call of duty 3?

Go too multi-player then you should be able to do a campaign. two player.

Which is better black ops or MW2?

Modern Warfare 2 is a better game in terms of multiplayer, campaign, and graphics.

Does MW2 multiplayer have blood?

you bet it does!

Is COD4 better or MW2?

Mw2 Ftw because there is special ops, and more people play online, although the campaign is quite short and maybe a bit dull! But the multiplayer is definitely worth it. Add me on PSN- my name is josherlus1

Is mw2 multiplayer when from xbox marketplace?

Yes it is

Is MW2 rated m for the multiplayer?

Modern Warfare 2 (mw2) is rated m for MATURE.

Mark below if you think we need better multiplayer maps for MW2?

No because , the multiplayer maps for mw2 are designed to stop camping and it works also they are great maps.

What is better cod4 or cod MW2?

Im pretty sure Mw2 is better because i have both and mw2 has a better multiplayer. Mw2- 9 out of 10 Cod4- 8.5 out of 10

When do you unlock MW2 riot control?

On multiplayer, it is unlocked at the start.

Does cod mw2 have bots on multiplayer?

no, there all legitimate people.

Can you play online multiplayer on the same system for mw2?