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Q: Are all MW2 campaign elevators patched?
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Have the workers at sony patched all the glitches on mw2 for the PS3?

no, wall breaches and elevators still work. elevators can't be patched

How do you do an elevator glitch on MW2?

Im sorry but all the elevators have been patched.

How do you start elevators on MW2?

Sorry but all elavators have been patched and can no longer be done so don't try because i already have.

What does the Intel do in mw2?

if you collect all of them it gives you cheats in the main campaign

Have all gliches been patched on mw2?

No, but there are some glitches that the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 don't share and ones that they do share. Every console has different glitches, but sometimes, they have the same.

Can any one host a free mw2 challenge lobby?

Not any more since all of the hacking has been patched, especially for playstation going through a security update, I doubt if it will get hacked again

Is there glitches for mw2's map rust?

There used to be but im not sure if theres any left cus they all been patched but people still host tenth lobbys & infected lobbys so idk

Why does it only show 50 percent complete on modern warfare 2?

If you complete the Single Player campaign on MW2 on the 2nd difficulty you are awarded 50% completion. To gain the other 50% you have to beat the campaign on the "Hardened" and "Veteran" Difficulties.

Where are the directions to all of Jackson's belk elevators?

Whereare the directions to all of Jackson's belk elevators?

Did combat arms hack get patched?

All hacks get patched at some point, and the user's will get punished.

Why do all schools need elevators?

All schools don't need elevators. Some do, some don't.

What does the content filter in MW2 turn off - does it get rid of that horrible damage blur and blood?

It will remove the airport level, that is all. However this level is needed to understand the rest of the campaign.