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There is no campaign for multiplayer. There is multiplayer which has no storyline, there is special ops where you can do co-op to do either a kind of campaign with a storyline with a friend or do survival mode to survive as many times as possible, or there is campaign mode, which is a single-player storyline.

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Q: How do you play the campaign for multiplayer on MW3?
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How do you play multiplayer campaign on call of duty black opps?

You can not play a multiplayer campaign.

Where can you watch the MW3 multiplayer trailer?

There is no multiplayer trailer right now. There is only a survival and campaign trailer right now.

Can you do multiplayer for mw3 on PC?

Yes, u can play MW3 multiplayer on PC like every other COD game on PC

What should you buy MW3 or black ops?

Mw3 pros: survival mode, special ops , and decent multiplayer. Cons: REALY short campaign, bad online spawn system Black ops pros: great campaign , kick butt multiplayer bot mode and Zombie mode :::::::: I would go with black ops if you are more of a single player gamer but go on multiplayer often to . I would go with mw3 if you only play online

What is MW3?

MW3 is known as Modern Warfare 3 (first person shooter game). The main objective of campaign is to play different roles of different people. They have different stories. Multiplayer has different game modes. It depends what gamemode you are on to play it properly.

How do you play mw3 online for wii.Everytime I click multiplayer and play mw3 online it says mw3 update is available and something with the wii shop.I have internet.How do you play mw3 online for wii?

you absolutly can't

What are the best multiplayer xbox360 games?

in E3 Battlefield 3 was the best multiplayer game, to me mw3 was the best multiplayer, but i think battlefield 3 was the best campaign and the graphics are awesome!

Could you play multiplayer missions on Mw3?

No. Just Spec Ops.

How do you play mw3 multiplayer by your self?

Simply go on multiplayer then click local and finally click split screen.

Can you play campaign with two players on mw3?

No. Campaign is referred to as single player therefore it is solo.

Could 2 people play multiplayer on mw3?

Of course. That would be ridiculous otherwise.

Can 2 people play multiplayer together on mw3 like black ops?