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2012-11-09 01:42:08
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Q: Can you create players on psp football games?
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Can you create or edit players on fifa 11 for psp?

Yes you can create players but you can't edit them

Cheap players for football manager 2009 for psp?

Tim sills

Do British PSP games play in American PSP players?

Yes. A game from ant country can play in a psp. its just the same as PS2

Does FIFA on PSP have a create a team and create a player mode If so how do you get there?

Although there hasn't been any create-a-team options on ANY psp sport, you can create a soccer/football player on fifa world cup 2010 by ea sports

Can you make your own players on FIFA 11 for psp?

OK, go to my fifa and click on create player

How do you create a dream team on fifa 11 psp?

put all the players you want in 1 team by useing the tranfers

Can the PSP vita play PSP games?

It is supposed to be able to play the PSP games, but the PSP can not play the Vita games

Can you use PSP games on a PS3?

You can store the games for the PSP but can not play PSP games on the PS3

Will a PSP 3001 play all PSP games?

yes all psp games works on every psp psp vita games doesnt work on a regular psp

How do you run the games you dowloaded in PC and install it to psp?

Create a ISO folder in the MP_ROOT of your psp.Put the isos or csos into the folder and you should find those downloaded games under your games folder in the mem.stick when you run the psp Your psp must run custom firmware for this to work

Can you play psp games on a ps2 system?

No PSP games are for PSP systems

Can you get the same games on the PSP go as you can on the PSP?

No, sadly not all PSP games can be found on the PSP Go.

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