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There are no such things as 'PSP 1001' games. All UMD games work with all models of the PSP, excluding the PSP GO which has no UMD slot.

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2010-08-15 09:14:35
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Q: Can games for a PSP 1001 be played on a PSP 2000?
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Can you play PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 games on PSP 1000?

okay,i answer this questions to my friends all the time..a psp 1000 or 1001 isn't compadible with 2000 or 3000 BUT the games are made so that you can play it on ANY psp manufactured by SONY.If you have a friend that has a psp 1001 and you have a 3000 and you want to multiplayer lets say midnight club 3 dub edition you cant because the psp 3000 can understand the psp 1001 but the 1001 cant understand the 3000 because its an evolved technology Hey, can a psp 1000 play with a 2000? besides the size what is the difference between a 2000 and 1000?

Will a PSP slim 2000 work with a PSP 1001?

If you asked connecting psp 2000 to 1001 it will work but with wirelles ( I think the wirelles is the only way to connect them).

Can a PSP 2000 battery work on a 1001 PSP?

No, the PSP 1000 requires a higher amount of amperage. If you put a PSP 2000's battery in, it won't even turn on.

Is the PSP 1000 charger compatible with the PSP 1001?

Yes, as the only difference between the psp 1000 and 1001 is region. The 1000 is Japan and the 1001 is USA I think

Is the PSP slim the PSP 3000?

Yes and the 2000 is the older version of the PSP slim and the PSP phat is the 1000 series. /\ Also the psp version 1001 is slim, I have one (Different person)

Can you play PSP 1000 and PSP slim and lite games on a PSP 3000?

There are no such things as version specific 'PSP1000 games', there are only PSP games, and the UMDs can be played exactly the same on PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and E1000, but not the GO which lacks a UMD drive.

Does Psp 1001 have Skype?


How do you play PS vita games on PSP?

PSP Vita games can not be played on the PSP

Can you play PSP 1000 games on the new PSP 3000?

There are no such things as 'PSP-1000' games, UMD games make no distinction about the model they are played on. As long as the firmwares are updated correctly, any UMD game will work on any PSP-1000, 2000 or 3000.

Can PSP go games be played on a PSP?

no because the psp go games have to be downloaded it on a software

Can you play PSP games in a PS2?

No a PSP game can be played in a PSP

Can you play PSP games on ds?

No, PSP games should be played on a PSP and DS games should be played on a DS. I dont think that the DS can take the PSP graphics and the resolution.

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