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You can add your own custom songs to Guitar Hero World Tour. You cannot create custom songs through the game however.

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Q: Can you create custom songs on guitar hero world tour?
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Can you put custom songs on Guitar Hero metallica?

no you can not ONLY in guitar hero WORLD TOUR.

What are Guitar Hero custom songs?

Custom songs are songs that Guitar Hero player across the world cerate in the Guitar hero studio. They make their own tunes and let others play and listen. Any one who has a Guitar Hero game with the studio in it can do it.

How do you make custom Guitar Hero 3 songs on PlayStation 3?

I am not sure but I know you can create songs on guitar hero world tour. I was searching for the same question. I also know that you can download songs already made at the playstation store. (playstation store/addons/disc based games/guitar hero 3)

What is the code for the hardest song in the world on Guitar Hero 3?

There isn't. "The Hardest Song in the World" was a custom song made by (probably the one you're thinking of) bl00dblitz on YouTube. He has Guitar Hero for the PC and on the PC, you can make custom songs. You can download songs on the internet off of many sites but you need to have your disk, and 2 or three programs.

Can you put custom songs on Rock Band Reloaded?

No you cannot add custom songs to Rock Band 1 or 2. I also don't believe Guitar Hero 3 has the ability to add custom songs either. There is down loadable content from the game developers though. The one new detail in Guitar Hero World Tour (the latest release) is that there is a custom music editor, so you can add your own tracks by playing them on the drums and guitar. There is a bit more information here about the editor,

Can you play Guitar Hero 3 songs on Guitar Hero world tour?

It depends if the Guitar Hero 3 songs were released as DLC on GH: World Tour. There is no way to directly import songs from Guitar Hero 3 onto World Tour.

How do you put other songs onto gh3 for wii?

Guitar Hero 3 has no DLC, if you wanted to put new songs on it you'd have to hack it somehow which is illegal. The new Guitar Hero: World Tour has DLC though, you'll be able to download songs onto and play songs from your SD cards (they will probably let you download all the songs from the previous games).

Can you play Guitar Hero world tour songs on Guitar Hero 3?


Can Guitar Hero World Tour songs be played in Guitar Hero III?


Will you be able to put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3?

"No, in guitar hero 2 it was a glitch which people found out. In guitar hero 3, they fixed it. Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero: World Tour have Downloadable content on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE." Well, there are some possibilities on adding custom songs to Wii version of GH. You can also use it to customize GHWT, GHM, and on. - well... i hve metallica for wii, and there is a place where i can download sum songs, but they're made by other ppl, and can't be tht long, like i downloaded mini version of through the fire and flames - my email is*

What does guitar hero world tour have that the others ones don't?

First of all, Guitar Hero: World Tour will feature brand-new peripherals: drums and microphone. A new feature called Mii Freestyle will be included in the Wii version. This mode lets your characters become Miis in and will let you freely create music. Another new feature is the addition of create-your-own-character. Songs not included in the CD can be downloaded as well. One of the best new feautres of the game is the music studio mode. This mode lets you create your own custom tunes or lets you re-create songs using actual notes. For example, you can pick your music scale and the game will tell you which buttons are which notes. In E scale, a red-green combo is the same as an E note and a yellow-blue is the same as a B. You can use the microphone, drums, and guitar together to create your songs. The game will let you record your songs which you can later share with other players online and play in the actual game. These are only some new additions of Guitar Hero: World Tour.

How do you get songs for Guitar Hero world tour to Guitar Hero 5?

You need to import them