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You can't. You can only download songs in Guitar Hero III for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, Guitar Hero World Tour, 5, and Warriors of Rock support song downloads for all consoles. But Rock Band has way more downloadable songs, so that might be a better option.

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Q: How do you download songs on Guitar Hero 3 on wii?
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How do you download songs on to Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii?

you cant

When will you be able to download songs for Guitar Hero 3 on wii?

You can't.

How much does it cost to download extra songs on guitar hero?

200 Wii Points if you have a Wii

Can you get songs from Guitar Hero 2 onto Guitar Hero 3 for the wii?

Probably but you might have to mod your wii, buy gh2, burn and download the songs to a burned disc, and you may have a shot at it workin.

How do you download free guitar hero songs on the wii?

No, Guitar Hero 3 has no DLC, if you wanted to put new songs on it you'd have to hack it somehow. The new Guitar Hero: World Tour will have DLC though, you'll be able to download songs onto and play songs from your SD cards (they will probably let you download all the songs from the previous games). If you want more info on Guitar Hero: World Tour for Wii check out the Related Linksbelow.

How do you download songs for Guitar Hero 3 onto the Wii system?

Unfortunately Guitar Hero III on the Wii system does not support downloadable content as with the PS3/Xbox360. RedOctane (publisher) cites lack of space as the main reason.

Can you download songs onto Guitar Hero 3 for wii?

No, although Red Octane, the publisher of Guitar Hero 3 for Wii, has said they plan to add that capability early in 2008. ____________________________ No, 2008 was 2 years ago now.

Can you integrate wii guitar hero iii songs to wii guitar hero world tour?

No you can't. And you can't import RB1 songs to RB2, like on other systems.

Do Guitar Hero III for PC and Wii have different songs?


Can you create songs in Guitar Hero III for Wii?

No. This is not available.

How can you get Guitar Hero 2 songs on your wii?

You can't. It is impossible.

How do you download songs on to rock band on the wii?

Unfortunately, you don't. Neither Guitar Hero III or Rock band (the original) for the Wii support downloadable songs. I'm not sure about future titles.