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No you can not turn a PS3 into a Backwards Compatible PS2 game player. That's why the demand for older Backwards Compatible PS3 models with the 4 USB ports has increased the resale value. If you could make a Backwards Compatible PS3 Slim 250 GB why would someone pay as much for an old PS3 with an unknown history that might have been repaired many times.

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Q: Can you buy a PS3 that is not backwards and make it backwards compatible?
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What is the download to make ps3 backwards compatible?

You can't download it. You have to buy a PS3 with Backwards compatibility. _______________________________________________________________________ I have started a facebook group entitled, "All PS3 systems should be BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!" I would greatly appreciate the support of anyone willing to join. Thank you for your support.

How can you tell if a game is backwards compatible before you buy it?

If you buy it at game stop check the sticker and see if it says <BC>

What models of PS3 are backwards compatible?

Yes and No. It depends on what kind of ps3 you have. If you have the 60 gb ps3 you can play all ps2 and ps1 games on it. BUT if you have the 40,80,160 gb you CANNOT play ps2 games on them. BUT all of the 80 gb models let you play all ps1 games. Only some 80 gb models are compatible with all PS games. _______________________________________________________________________ Only the first generation PS3's are backwards compatible and have since been discontinued. I personally think this is ridiculous and have started a facebook group entitled, "All PS3 systems should be BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE!" I would greatly appreciate if anyone who is willing joins. Thank you VERY MUCH for your support.

PS3 model CECHH00 any suggestions for how to get the cheapest backwards compatible PS3 preferably through a retailer who could work a trade-in deal?

Yes If you want a PS3 that is the best and cheapest buy the 20 GB model The 80 GB models do not play as many PS2 titles and the 60 GB models can cost more than a new 320 GB with the PS Move Bundle

Do you need to buy a certain kind of headset to play on ps3 live?

Live is a term for the Xbox 360 online network. To use headphones for a PS3 they must be compatible with the PS3 and have the correct settings under the settings menu for the PS3

Do PS3 games work on PS3 move?

Only games compatible with move work with it. Most old games are not compatible with move, but some of them have been patched to support move. You can tell if a game works with move or not by looking for a blue "compatible with move" sticker on the top of the game packaging when you buy it.

Can you play Kingdom Hearts original for ps3 slim?

No, because sony did not make the ps3 slim backwards compatible,and the new add on for the ps3 only works for the first release of ps3s Alot of people are mad about the new ps3 not being backwards compatible, including me. In fact the ps3 has not been very good in any aspect, their games or ok, but no new good games are being produced, all the good once are still being produced on the ps2, the ps3 petty much is just for show. and sonys main focus is the psp. Also sonys new games are costing 10$ more then the other systems and they are still trying to make money of the older system STILL while the others (x box and Nintendo) have moved on. If you ask me sony is just being money greedy. There is no reason to get a ps3, you will be much happier with a psp. and i do not think that sony is even going to talk much about the ps3 games in E3 2010. but much more about there psp games. Also do not expect Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out on the ps3. Its just going to be the same old song and dance like with Dot Hack//Links. They just want you to think that it will so that you will buy the ps3 and then buy the psp when it dost come out.

If I buy a external tape drive reader, will it be compatatible with USB 3.0?

External tape drives will not be compatible with the upcoming USB 3.0 specification, however USB 3.0 will be backwards compatible with it.

How can you make a new PS3 account after sony wont let you?

buy a new ps3

What is the backwards compatibility of the PS3?

First Generation models ie. those that were released first were fully backwards compatible and played PS2 and PS1 games as well as PS3 games. The second generation of the PS3 also which also had 4 USB ports were also Backwards compatible with many of the PS2 games. All other PS3 models lack the backwards compatible feature and are not considered to be Backwards compatible. see related link.

Where can you download a windows xp compatible psp emulator?

unfortunatly, you can no longer get a PS3 with an emulator from sony. you have to buy one off of eBay or some other shopping site. the PS3 is no longer backwards compatible. Sony says that PS2 sales are too high and income on the PS2 is too great to give out the PS3 compatibility software. hopefully, within the next two years, Sony will release the software and give us our gaming rights.

Will there be a Kingdom Hearts games for the PS3?

im 100% sure it will be It will have to. if square enix wants to make money off of this game they will have to put it on the ps3. The story line looks better than ever and they have alot of die hard fans. Most of these fans wouldn't buy a psp though. They will put it on the market and be disappointed in the results and sales. They will have no choice but to put it up for sale for the ps3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Different user- I've looked everywhere online and couldn't find it...Although my friend in New York said he had it...I just don't know anymore... kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep probably won't come out on PS3 for a while. They have only announced it will be on the 3DS this year, so it is highly doubtful anyone will have this game for PS3 for a year at least.