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You'll have to buy the costume pack in the ps3 store.

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Q: How do you unlock the skins in Batman Arkham city ps3?
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How many skins can you get in batman arkham city?

you can get7

What the next batman game after arkham city?

The next batman arkham game after Batman: Arkham City is Batman: Arkham Origins.

Is there another batman arkham game?

well after batman arkham city is arkham origins so yes there is

How do you get Batman beyond in Batman arkham city?

You can buy him at the dcuo marketplace for 5 dollars.

Was Batman arkham city before or after Batman arkham asylum?

Arkham Asylum came before Arkham City Asylum came out in 2009 City came out in 2011

Can you get multiplayer on Batman arkham city?

No, Multilayer is not available on Batman Arkham City.

Which game is better assassins creed or batman arkham city?

Batman Arkham City

What game is better batman arkham city or batman arkham origins?

In my opinion, I would play Batman: Arkham City.

What happens if you get all riddler trohpies in batman arkham city?

You unlock the Riddlers' hideout.

How do you get to Mr freeze is in batman arkham city?

you dont unlock him but you do help him in the middle of the game

What is older Batman arkham city Or Batman arkham assylum?

actually it is arkham asylum because that cameout first

Is Batman arkham asylum 2 out yet?

No the game will be Batman Arkham city and it has been out