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You unlock the Riddlers' hideout.

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Q: What happens if you get all riddler trohpies in batman arkham city?
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What are riddler secrets on batman arkham city?

They are the riddles and riddler trophies.

Can you get nightwing for free on batman arkham city?

yes. get a bunch of riddler tropies

In batman arkham asylum 2 is Riddler going to be in the game?

no but there are pinugun tropthies

Can you go to arkham island in batman arkham city?

No, you can't. You can photograph it with detective mode though as one of the Riddler's riddles.

Where are the riddler trophys the get challenges in batman arkham asylum?

You have to use the clues that you find to help you get to the riddler trophies. If you need anymore help, look for a tutorial.

What can you do in batman arkham asylum free roam?

You do side missions or riddler trophy's. I think there's more.

How many riddler trophies do you need for the riddlers hideout in batman arkham city?

405 trophies i think

When you are done with the game Batman Arkham Asylum what do you do?

well, you can do the challenges and if you go on the internet to find out where the riddler trophies and riddler challenges are you can search for them too. And there are no enemies so you can do it in peace >.-

Is Nolan Batman and Arkham Batman The Same Batman?

Yes. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City take place after The Dark Knight Rises.

Which is better Batman arkham city or Batman arkham asylym?

They are both good games but Arkham city is a little bit harder than Arkham asylum if you like the combat though arkham city would have to be the winner because of the combat mode you get with riddler trophies. Although if you have ps3 you could get to play as the joker.

Why isn't batman arkham asylum on the wii?

There is arkham asylum on the wii! Walk past the suits in the batcave and you will see a green TV and lever. Pull the lever and you will be The Riddler and Clayface!

What the next batman game after arkham city?

The next batman arkham game after Batman: Arkham City is Batman: Arkham Origins.