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405 trophies i think

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Q: How many riddler trophies do you need for the riddlers hideout in batman arkham city?
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What happens if you get all riddler trohpies in batman arkham city?

You unlock the Riddlers' hideout.

What are riddler secrets on batman arkham city?

They are the riddles and riddler trophies.

Where are the riddler trophys the get challenges in batman arkham asylum?

You have to use the clues that you find to help you get to the riddler trophies. If you need anymore help, look for a tutorial.

When you are done with the game Batman Arkham Asylum what do you do?

well, you can do the challenges and if you go on the internet to find out where the riddler trophies and riddler challenges are you can search for them too. And there are no enemies so you can do it in peace >.-

How do you unlock challenges batman arkham asylum?

You need to find various Riddler trophies and interview tapes hidden throughout the entire game. Plus, if you find all of the trophies, interview tapes, and all of the Riddler's challenges you unlock an achievement (I'm guessing there is a trophy on PS3 that's the same). Games Radar has an amazing Riddler challenge walkthrough. I suggest beating the game first, however, before doing the Riddler's challenges.

Which is better Batman arkham city or Batman arkham asylym?

They are both good games but Arkham city is a little bit harder than Arkham asylum if you like the combat though arkham city would have to be the winner because of the combat mode you get with riddler trophies. Although if you have ps3 you could get to play as the joker.

I beat the game in batman arkham asylum and it says i only finished 63 percent can you tell me why?

It says that because if u didnt collect all of the riddler trophies and challenges

How do you check how many riddler secrets you have in batman arkham city?

Press tab to open the map screen, you'll see icons at the top for the map, gadgets, and a question mark for the Riddler trophies. When you press that, it'll tell you how many you've found.

How many Riddler hostages are there in batman Arkham city?

Riddler room 1 - given Room 2 - 80 Room 3 - 160 Room 4 - 240 Room 5 - 320 Final fight - 400

How many riddler secrets are needed to figure out where riddler is in batman arkham city?

You need 400 before his hideout location is revealed. In the base version of the game, that's all of them, but if you've got the Catwoman DLC, there's an additional 40, but still only 400 are needed.

Can you go to arkham island in batman arkham city?

No, you can't. You can photograph it with detective mode though as one of the Riddler's riddles.

Can you get nightwing for free on batman arkham city?

yes. get a bunch of riddler tropies