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you can't you will have to buy another one because ps3 discs are always getting scratched if it was a wii disc you could repair it but ps3 discs you can't and ps3 sucks the wii is awsome even the ps2 is better than the ps3

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Q: How do you make a scratched PS3 game disc work?
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Why wont your ps2 game work?

Often the game disc is scratched and damaged

Why won't my areosmith Guitar Hero game for PS2 work?

The disc could be scratched Amazon has new game for only $3.89

Why does your halo reach custom game and forge not work?

Your disc may be scratched, you can fix that by borrowing the game from a friend and install the game (from the game library tab) and then return it and it should work.

How do you get a scratched game to work?

bring it to jb-hi-fi and they have a buffer wich will clean all the scratches off the disc.

How do you make a scratched video game disk work?

You replace it with one that is not scratched because most other methods do not work

Why doesn't L4D2 work?

on what platform? Maybe the disc is scratched

How do you fix a ps2 disc that not work using a software?

Software will not fix an unreadable disc because it is scratched. PS2 game Discs are not rewriteable and can not be changed so there would be nothing for the software to fix on the disc unless it was a bootleg copy

How do you get Sonic 2 adventure battle to load when it states disc cannot be read?

Try cleaning off the disc by gently wiping it of with a cloth. If the disc is terribly scratched it may not work and you'll have to find another copy of the game to play it.

How do you make a scratched game work?

Go over the scratch with a rubber, it really works

How do you make a scratched game work on an old game system?

i always wash mine then dry it so it works but

Why doesn't FF XII work on my PS2?

You might have a scratched disc, does it work on another system ok?

Why does NBA2k11 don't work?

Maybe your disc is scratched, where about doesn't it work?, my player mode, menus association?