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either your disc has been scratched or your 360 has problems. If other games work it means the 360 has scratched the disc when you put it in. Hope it helps and i suggest you try out a ps3 LOL.

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Q: Why does my Xbox 360 freeze when I play modern warfare 2 online?
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Modern warfare for regular Xbox?

There is no Modern Warfare for the original Xbox.

Can two people play online when they are on the same xbox on modern warfare 2?


Is modern warfare 3 going to be two player on xbox live?

No. None of the Modern Warfare series have been 2 player online (aka. online split screen).

Can you play modern warfare 3 online on ps3 for free?

Yes, unlike xbox.

How do you play online in modern warfare 3?

get xbox live and and click find match

Is modern warfare 2 free online?

On PS3 it is, you'll have to pay for xbox live when you're playing on xbox probably

On the same xbox how do you get two players online on modern warfare?

i have tried this my self, you cant sorry.

How do you get modern warfare 2 online?

If you have xbox then you need an xbox live account or if you have PS3 you need a PSN account. Then go on multiplayer and select play online.

Can you buy an Xbox 360 with modern warfare 2?

If you get the Special edition Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

When did the modern warfare 3 Xbox come out?

Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox 360 came out November 8,2011.

If you delete your call of duty modern warfare 2 save on xbox 360 does it delete you online rank?


How do you play two player online in modern warfare 2 ps3?

There is no two player online for mw2 on ps3 or xbox 360