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To clarify, it is possible for your name to be taken by another player if it becomes available; players' names are generally reserved for twenty-eight days and seven days (or however long the name has been on your account) before being thrown back in as an available name.

If you change your display name to something else after changing your name the first time, the name you originally had can be taken by other players. Example- original name: PlayerA. If I changed my name to PlayerB and again after thirty days to PlayerC, the original name PlayerA will become available. However, by reverting to PlayerA, that name remains as your own.

Alternatively, if you fall inactive and your skills are below level thirty, your name may be deposited back into the available names, meaning anyone is free to have it; I believe the same is also true for banned members, whose names are available if the ban was permanent. Not 100% sure if this is accurate.

If your name has been taken from you by Jagex, your name is changed to random characters. However, you will be able to change your name for free while logging in.

If your levels are above thirty, you should have nothing to worry about. Jagex frees up display names of inactive accounts only if their levels are below thirty.

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Q: Can someone take your old runescape name?
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