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You must be 13, or older to register for runescape.

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Q: How old must you be to join RuneScape?
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Is there a game just like Runescape but with the old wilderness?

In the modern RuneScape, you can go play in PvP world - there you can attack other players, and get attacked. There is RuneScape Classic (the old RuneScape). You can't currently join, but it seems that in May 2010, then in November 2010, you can join again - if you have a RuneScape membership.

How old do you have to be to make RuneScape?

to play runescape you must have to be 13+

How do you join the champion guild on RuneScape?

Must get 32 Quest Points.

How do you get freechat on RuneScape?

You must be over 13 or over to get free chat on runescape ... answered by a 12 year old.

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