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No. It's as simple as that. You can trade between 2 DSs and two PCs but not the two together. Sorry.

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Q: Can Pokemon ds trade with Pokemon PC?
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Can you trade Pokemon using PC and Nintendo ds?

you cannot trade most of them because i have tried it and it didnt work

How can you trade an item from a DS to a DS?

You have to give the item you want to trade to a Pokemon, and then trade the Pokemon.

How can send Pokemon diamond Pokémon to Pokemon platinum i have got two ds and i got eight badge?

you trade at the PC (Pokemon center) go to the bottom one go to the lady with both DS

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy to a ds?

after you get the national pokedex, you put the Pokemon that you want in the PC , save, turn on the ds game and there will be a migrate option you choose the Pokemon you want and go to pal park and find them.

How do you transfer Pokemon from black to pearl no bad spelling please lol?

Well, it depends I'm preety shore most Pokemon games are on ds and PC but if you have a ds then you need two ds's to trade Pokemon the only time you can use one ds is when you want to transfer a gameboy Pokemon to a ds Pokemon game. Hope it helped. =)

Is there anyway I can trade Pokemon from diamondpearl to heartgoldsoulsilver with 2 ds's privately?

yes you can trade Pokemon but you should have 2 ds to trade Pokemon

Where can you get Pokemon Diamond from on PC?

You can get Pokemon diamond for PC from

Can you trade Pokemon on Nintendo ds to Game Boy advanced sp?

no you can't,it tells you when you trade from the sp to ds. You can only trade pokemon from your sp to ds and once traded to the ds can not be returned to your sp

How do you get Pokemon platinum for PC?

It's a DS game not a PC game.

How do you trade Pokemon through any game with gameboy or ds?

With ds you can wirelessly trade or wifi trade. with gb gbc and gba you have to trade with a cable. To igrate a gba pokemon to a ds game you need to have the gba in the gba slot of a ds lite and the ds game in the ds slot of the ds

Can you trade in ss without a pokewalker?

You do not need a Pokewalker to trade Pokemon. The DS has built-in wireless communications. The DS does not need the Pokewalker to trade Pokemon.

What is the code to catch all Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?

dependind on what system you are using (ds or Pc) you would have to use trading (ds)or cheats which are easier (pc)