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Yes and it works like this: Your going to have to migrate your Pokemon from your gba Pokemon game to the ds Pokemon each Pokemon should hold an item that you want to give to the ds Pokemon game when you migrate those Pokemon play the ds Pokemon game to capture them in the pal park then go check the PC for the Pokemon you caught each should still be holding the item you gave them from the gba Pokemon game now all you need to do is take the items and now your ds Pokemon game has the items!

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Q: Can you trade items from a gba Pokemon game to a ds Pokemon game?
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Can you transfer Pokemon from a fake game to a real one on the ds or on the GBA?

If the game is fake you can't trade pokemon.

How can you trade Pokemon on gba and ds?

it is not possible to trade Pokemon with DS and GBA. you may if you have diamond, pearl, hg, ss, platinum you can MIGRATE Pokemon from GBA games to DS games. this can be done in the main menu under "Migrate From (name of your game)" example: Migrate From Firered or Leafgreen.

I have a DS loaded with the gba game Pokemon emerald my friend has a DS loaded with a DS game called Pokemon diamond when you try to trade you get a message wireless adapter not connected properly?

There is no way to trade between Emerald and Diamond, because they are for different systems. The closest thing is that if your friend has beaten the game then you can put your Emerald into his DS and put your Pokemon into his game. The only problem is that you can't trade Pokemon from Diamond to Emerald, only Emerald to Diamond. however there is a way to get the Pokemon from a GBA cartridge to the DS cartridge. when you get in to the Pal Park supposedly if you have a GBA cartridge in the slot2 and a DS Pokemon game in slot1 the Pokemon from the GBA cartridge will "migrate" to the slot1 game.

How do you trade Regigigas to Pokemon Platinum?

get a GBA to get it

Anyone have a Lugia for trade?

I don't know anyone that has one {I wish I did}, but I know how to get one. Get the game Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, catch Lugia, trade it on a GBA Pokemon game, and if you have Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum, Migrate Lugia and 5 other Pokemon.

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Is it possible to trade Pokemon on one ds with a normal game and a GBA game?

You can migrate GBA Pokemon to a DS Pokemon game but you can't trade using the GBA game trying to trade with another GBA game.

Can you trade Pokemon between a gba game and a ds game?

no but you can migrate Pokemon from gba to any Pokemon ds game(not sure in black in white)

How do you trade Pokemon through any game with gameboy or ds?

With ds you can wirelessly trade or wifi trade. with gb gbc and gba you have to trade with a cable. To igrate a gba pokemon to a ds game you need to have the gba in the gba slot of a ds lite and the ds game in the ds slot of the ds

Where do you get gligar in Pokemon pear without a GBA game in your ds?

GTS works if you want to trade for him and you have wifi. Otherwise, you either have to have the GBA game or a friend to trade with who has the pokemon.

Pokemon platuim where do you get regirock or any of them?

trade them off GBA games if you have it on the GBA game.

How do you get a clampearl on Pokemon platinum?

Migrate from a GBA game.(or trade)

How do you transfer Pokemon from Diamond to colosseum?

if you can connect colosseum to a gba, then trade the Pokemon to the gba game and migrate!

How do you trade Pokemon from Game Boy Advanced SP to Game Boy Advanced?

You can trade pokémon by using a link cable between your GBA sp / GBA.

Can you trade game advanced Pokemon games Pokemon with nintindo DS Pokemon games Pokemon?

Yes, you can trade them if you attach a wireless adapter to your GBA. You can also migrate pokémon from a GBA game to HeartGold/SoulSilver by putting them both into a DS.

How do you get Blastoise in Pokemon platnium?

You must trade or import it from a GBA game

Pokemon HeartGold where to find Darkrai?

Trade it of a gba game or of a cheat

When does the trade person let you trade on Pokemon colluseum?

After you have beaten the game. Note: You also need to have beaten the Elite Four in your GBA Pokemon game to trade.